Here is to Your Good Health

Health and Fitness are Fundamental Dimensions of Life

Your life in this world is governed by your health. Fitness, of course, is an extended concept of health and is used to refer to an enhanced state of health. Looking at another way, we can say fitness is a measure of health. One may be healthy, yet one may not be physically fit, when measured against certain parameters. The two terms health and fitness can thus be considered synonymous or complementary.

However, we are not interested in a discourse on the overt and subtle meanings of these two words. We like to be practical. That’s why we have created this website to help people get information on various aspects of health and fitness. We will cover various factors governing health. But we do not profess to offer medical advice. Our coverage of various topics will be entirely on the basic concepts using information available on various sources like books, magazines and internet websites.

Our objective is to help you understand the health issues more deeply so that you will be in a better position to take steps for improving your health by seeking appropriate professional help. For example, if we discuss fat loss diets, it will be with a view to review different kinds of diets and their impact or effectiveness. If you want to follow a fat loss diet, you have to consult a physician or dietician. When we discuss problem relating to cancer, we do not obviously offer any cure for cancer. We only explain certain facts associated with the disease.

The above explanation is just to make clear to the readers what this website offers and what it doesn’t. But we are confident that the information we provide will be found useful by many people. We already have confirmation of this from the comments we have received in response to the posts we have published already.

The categories of topics covered are given on the side of this page. You can view the topics under each category by clicking the category name.

Wish you good health, perfect fitness and an ever- cheerful state of mind.

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