High Cholesterol – Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

How to lower your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a problem well known but less concerned about. We all know that high cholesterol will give rise to other health problems including heart attack due to the clogging of blood vessels. But somehow, cholesterol control is not getting as much attention as the control of blood sugar, hypertension etc.

how to control high cholesterol

high cholesterl

Many people have a wishful thinking that cholesterol will not harm them. It is only after they are diagnosed of a heart disease that has resulted from high cholesterol that many people realize that their complacency about controlling cholesterol has cost them dearly.
High cholesterol has high potential for mischief, period. Never overlook the problem of cholesterol by treating it as an irritant that has resulted from your enjoying gourmet food. If you have a family history of high cholesterol, then the risk is higher. Consult a physician and act as per his advice.

Apart from medication, proper diet will have a good impact on controlling Cholesterol. Obviously, a low Cholesterol diet is essential. It should be supplemented by an exercise program. Exercise can be very powerful and will give you quick results. Exercise will be particularly helpful if you have other health problems like Diabetes.

The exercise program need not be very strenuous. Simple aerobic exercises and cycling will work miracles. You can do many other simple things like walking more. Avoid using a car or a bike for travelling short distances. Use stairs more by minimizing the use of lift. A sedentary lifestyle is one thing that will aggravate your blood cholesterol levels.

Be careful while choosing a low cholesterol diet. Look at the labels on the packages of food products. Foods containing High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) are good for your health. They are popularly called “good cholesterol.” Foods rich in Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) popularly known as “bad cholesterol” will be harmful to your health.

Butter, Lard, Meats with high fat content belong to the bad cholesterol category. They contain saturated fats. Good Cholesterol foods include dark chocolate, nuts, avocados etc. Foods rich in fiber content will have low fat content and hence are excellent items to be included in a low Cholesterol diet.

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