Acupuncture and Children

Acupuncture – Can you use it with Children?

As a parent, how will you react to the idea  that  acupuncture might be a great way to treat your child’s health?  Acupuncture can be good both as a preventative measure and as a way to cure various symptoms. However, you may like to find answers to some questions before deciding whether acupuncture will be suitable for your child.


One of the  first questions might be if any children need acupuncture treatment?  Quite a few of them. They may even find  acupuncture treatments fun. Young children will not feel pain from the use of acupuncture needles because they don’t associate needles with pain as that adults will.  Children also seem to be more aware of their bodies than adults, and this awareness makes them feel better quite quickly. You can also see more energy in children after the treatment.

acupuncture treatment

acupuncture treatment


Are there differences for acupuncture treatment with children?  The treatment is same on its general aspects. The treatment involves deciding the place where to insult the needle , the depth, the number of needles etc.    (Needles are inserted to different depths depending on the treatment. They may be inserted up to a point just below the skin to a few inches.

But inserting the needle will not cause any pain. The child may momentarily feel a slight pinch while inserting but will not feel any pain afterwards.)  The number of needles and the number of treatments for children is generally less, since children respond well even to a slight stimulation.  Therefore, acupuncture treatment can bring in faster and more perceptible results for children.


Another good reason to visit an acupuncture clinic with your child is that the diagnosis uses a number of different aspects:  physical symptoms like pulse rate, color of the tongue, emotional symptoms like as anger, aggression, depression, fear etc.

The objective of acupuncture is to bring complete harmony to the person’s physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects.  This will be of benefit not only to the child but to the whole family as well.


You can use acupuncture to treat your child for a physical symptom, or for a behavioral problem.  One of the behaviors that responds  well to acupuncture treatment is.  This problem may be cured even with one visit to an acupuncture clinic. But sometimes, it may need a few more visits.

An  acupuncture practitioner can also be an adviser to you on the vaccinations your child needs. A good practitioner can recommend a list of vaccinations your child needs. While some important vaccinations like the polio vaccine will be definitely needed by every child, some vaccinations can be avoidable. Thus acupuncture can be used with children for several purposes ranging from curing specific physical symptoms to changing undesirable behavioral patterns.

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